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If The Future Is To Be Worth Anything Catalogue


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Exhibition catalogue for the ACE Open's If The Future Is To Be Worth Anything: 2020 South Australian Artist Survey.

Aida Azin - On Space Jam by Dr Léuli Eshrāghi
Carly Tarkari Dodd - Within Us by Dominic Guerrera
Emmaline Zanelli - Dear Mila by Chelsea Hopper
(fine print) Joanna Kitto & Rayleen Forester - fine print by Rosemary Forde
Kate Bohunnis - Towards the Edges of Excess by Jessica Alice
Matt Huppatz - Shine Some Glory on Me by Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Sandra Saunders - Protest Painter by Celia Dottore
Sundari Carmody - Adjusting to the Dark by Annika Kristensen
(Tutti Arts) Ellese McLindin, Jackie Saunders, James Kurtze, Kurt Bosecke, Tessa Crathern & William Gregory - Tutti Arts by Dr Belinda Howden
Yusuf Hayat - One Deeper Still by Robert Wood

Product photos: Lewi Potter